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A good-timing, honky-tonkin’, band-leading, song-writing, love-song-singing, blues-harp-blowing, tradition-nurturing, genre-busting, crowd-carrying, full-hearted flag bearer for all that’s true about music. That’s Heidi Newfield. At least, that’s her right now – at once the embodiment of an accomplished career and the promise of expanding artistry still to come.

Music fans know Heidi for fronting Trick Pony, which rode songs including “Pour Me,” “On A Night Like This” and “It’s A Heartache” to chart success, industry awards, wide acclaim, and packed houses nationwide.

She is also recognized for a remarkable evolution as a solo artist, writing and recording the poignant “Johnny & June” from a deeply personal place. More than a radio hit and impetus for a fist full of Academy of Country Music nominations, the song brought Newfield’s multi-faceted creativity into the sharper relief it deserved.

Through clear-eyed experience and musical passion in full flame, she continues to entertain, deepen the relationship with her core fans and win over new audiences. Now in a deeply creative place in her solo career, Newfield is developing the sound for an explosive, groundbreaking new project due later in 2019, packed with emotion, raw energy, iconic special guests and surprises galore.